How can I activate and redeem a coupon?


Activating a coupon

  • Did you receive the coupon by email or did you find it in your Joyn application?
     Tap the 'Activate coupon' button

  • Did you receive the coupon as a QR code?
    • Open the Joyn app
    • Tap "Tap to scan QR code".
    • Scan the coupon's QR code using your Joyn app

Redeeming a coupon

  1. Visit the merchant where the coupon is valid
  2. Scan using the merchant's iPad
  3. On the left side of the screen, you'll see the rewards and your available coupons*
    Tap the 'Redeem' button for the coupon you want to redeem
  4. Confirm using the blue 'Redeem coupon' button 

* A coupon only has a limited validity. So don't forget to visit the merchant before the expiry date. 

The coupon hasn't expired but is not appearing on the merchant's iPad. What's wrong? Check if you activated it.