What is the automatic reminder campaign and how does it work?


With the reminder campaign, customers whom you haven't seen in a while, automatically receive an email, with a coupon, you've drawn up beforehand. That way, you refresh your customer's memory and with the coupon, you encourage him or her to pop in again.

How does it work?

Since the customer used his or her card in your business before, our tool can find out when this customer visited last. You decide when the 'reminder' is sent: after 30, 90 or 180 days' absence, or after an entire year.

You also decide what the email says. The automatic lay-out of the email doesn't contain any information about why you're sending this email (because you haven't seen this customer in a while). So you don't even have to say that that is the reason. 

If the customer does come in after receiving the automatic email, the term for sending a new reminder campaign will start again from the beginning. Make sure the term you set is not too short, so that your customers don't receive these reminders too often.

If the customer does not come in after receiving the email, he or she won't receive any other reminders.