How can I add a coupon to an email?


A coupon is like a digital discount voucher you can add to an email. By choosing to work with coupons, you can precisely measure your promotions' impact.

The automatic birthday and reminder campaigns add a coupon by default.

For standard email campaigns, adding a coupon is optional.

To send an email campaign containing a coupon:

  1. Open your merchant portal ( and log in.
  2. Go to 'Email campaigns'.
  3. Stay in the tab 'One-time' and choose 'Create a new campaign'.
  4. Choose in which language you want to send your email and select your target audience (optional).
  5. Name your campaign and continue by clicking 'Activate'.
  6. Once you've entered the subject line and text for your one-time email, scroll down until you see 'Add coupon'. Click that button.
  7. Enter a description for your coupon (is it a discount, a free product or service...).
  8. Choose an appropriate icon for your coupon.
  9. Enter the coupon's expiry date. A coupon is valid as soon as the email is sent.
  10. Your coupon has now been added to the email.