How can I edit my rewards?


Variety is the spice of life. It's definitely recommended to change your rewards from time to time.

  • To edit your rewards, go to and log in.
  • Open the tab 'Rewards'.
  • You'll see a list of your active rewards.

Now you can

  • Deactivate rewards
    • To deactivate a reward, slide the green slider to the left.
    • The reward will disappear from your list of active rewards and will appear in your list of inactive rewards. From there, you can always reactivate it later on.

      You can use this option if you like to alternate your rewards, when you no longer have them in stock or if they are seasonal.

  • Edit rewards
    • Click the pencil icon next to the reward you want to edit.
    • Edit the number of points, the description or the icon.
    • Click 'Save changes' to apply your changes.

      You can edit a reward, but unless you want to change the required number of points, we recommend to deactivate the reward and to create a new one. Each reward indicates how many times it was redeemed. If you change the description, it will give a distorted image of the reward's success.

  • Create new rewards
    • Click 'Create a new reward'.
    • Add a description for your reward. Enter the necessary number of points and choose the appropriate icon.
    • Click 'Create reward'.
    • The reward will be activated immediately and will appear on your iPad within a few minutes.

  • Activate an inactive reward
    You can temporarily deactivate a reward and reactivate it later on. Because it's seasonal, because you've depleted your stock or because you like alternating.
    • Click 'Inactive' to view the inactive rewards.
    • Look for the reward you want to reactivate and slide the grey slider to the right.
    • The reward will be activated immediately and will appear on your iPad within a few minutes.

  • Delete rewards
    • Click the pencil icon to the right of the reward you want to delete.
    • Scroll down and click the red 'Delete' button.
    • You've now permanently deleted the reward.

      Note! This doesn't only delete the reward; it also deletes the counter that tells you how many times this reward was redeemed. If you would like to keep this information, it's better to deactivate the reward.
    • when they are no longer in stock or because they're seasonal.