How do I change the images in my email campaign?


Your email campaign's lay-out is based on your business' cover photo and logo.

Follow these steps to edit these images:

  1. Open your merchant portal ( and log in.
  2. On the right, click the gears icon and choose 'Edit account'.
  3. Under the main menu, you'll now see a few new tabs. Choose 'Images'.
  4. If you had already set images, you'll need to delete these first.
  5. Then click 'Add' to select a new image from your computer or iPad.

The cover photo is used over the entire width of your email. For this image, 320x80px are the perfect dimensions.

The logo will be used for the square box in the top left corner of your email. For this image, 80x80px are the perfect dimensions.

Note! These images are also used in the Joyn user app and on the Joyn website. If, in your email, you want to use a photo for a special event or for something seasonal, be sure to change the image back later on.